Welcome to Sacred Orchard!

Through study, reflection, meditation, worship and service,

may each of us discover the Truth and Light that is the Source of Life.

Principles to Guide Us:



Investigate the teachings of the wise, be inspired by their actions and motivated by their words to have my own direct experience.




Examine each experience and every concept, and do not stop unto I find that reality which lasts, which does not change.




Make use of rituals and techniques to develop a spiritual discipline that encourages and enriches communion with my being.


Unite in


Gather together in communion with others for prayer, meditation, singing, inspiration, praise and thanksgiving.




See the One in all, without distinction of creed or color or sex, and serve each accordingly, with love for all, including oneself.

Founded by George Bailin and Daryl Bailin to promote spiritual discovery and self-knowledge. This site includes samples of the poetry, prose and writings by George Bailin, with links on how to purchase his books, as well as some of the activities of George Bailin and Daryl Bailin.