Dead Reckoning


Sample Poem

Written by George Bailin

Editedanddesigned by DarylBailin

Published by SeaportPoets&WritersPress

FirstEdition1984, SecondEdition2014

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pentecostal pete: his testimonies

it is an urgency,

you have got to meet one man, at least

in spirit, in the living truth!

he does not speak like others.

nor does he let his blood

come swelling up in his members,

repeating the names of women in the dark.

and his neck’s not narrow,

convulsed, swiveling beneath a mooning

head, a turgor

gouged where heated eyes

are staring at the streets,

where girls are rouged

in red lights.

big and somber, his ears don’t spread

wide, stiff as shark fins

in the running night.

that man of spirit’s steady.

he does not shake in the frame

of his window, listening for high-heeled

shoes, gaping at the pendulums

of the sidling walker,

one hip, another, like clappers

rapping on the night time bell.

who is he, kneeling at the sash

like a pew? who bolts to his feet,

who spits restraint from his mouth

like a bridle, his hair straight up

like a barnyard rake?

who glares at the breasts of women

counting each nipple

like beads?

oh, you have to meet one man, at least in spirit, in the living truth!

           — george bailin